Our research

Our Research: Optimization of the primary mirror’s active cell of the OAN’s 2.1-m telescope in San Pedro Mártir

11, October, 2017|

By José Antonio Araiza Durán, MAS and University of Andrés Bellos’s postdoctoral researcher

Our Research: Revealing the stars of NGC 6544

27, September, 2017|

By Rodrigo Contreras Ramos, MAS postdoctoral researcher

Our Research: Identifying disintegrating multiple systems

13, September, 2017|

By Alexandra Ka Po Yip, MAS´ and IFA UV postdoctoral researcher

Our Research: Type II Cepheids as distance indicators with VVV time series

6, September, 2017|

By Vittorio Braga, MAS´ and UNAB postdoctoral researcher

Our research: The birth and evolution of a young star cluster

30, August, 2017|

By Michael Kuhn, MAS´ and IFA UV postdoctoral researcher

Our Research: Doing Galactic paleontology from a chemical census of old bulge stars

23, August, 2017|

By Álvaro Rojas Arriagada, MAS´ and IAUC postdoctoral researcher

Our research: Observing atmospheres of far worlds

16, August, 2017|

 By Néstor Espinoza, MAS´and IAUC´s doctorate student

Our Research: SN 1987A-like supernovae

9, August, 2017|

By Katalin Takáts, MAS´ and UNAB postdoctoral researcher

Our Research: A Machine-Learned Classifier for RR Lyrae in the VVV Survey

26, July, 2017|

By Felipe Elorrieta López, Doctorate student of MAS and The Department of Statistics, Faculty of Mathematics UC

Our Research: Infrared vision to detect dark, young and massive stellar clusters

19, July, 2017|

By Sebastián Ramírez Alegría, researcher of the Institute of Astronomy of Universidad Católica del Norte

Our Research: Eclipsing binary stars help to calibrate a universal cosmic ruler

12, July, 2017|

By Dariusz Graczyk, MAS´postdoctoral researcher

Our Research: The connection between Supernovae, Gamma-Ray Bursts, and Magnetars

5, July, 2017|

By Felipe Olivares, MAS´ postdoctoral researcher

Our Research: Search for RR Lyrae variable stars as tracers of very old stellar populations

28, June, 2017|

By Tali Palma, MAS´ and UNAB postdoctoral researcher

Our Research: Using Information Theoretic Tools and GPGPU to mine periodic variable stars from the EROS-2 survey

21, June, 2017|

By Pablo Huijse, MAS´ and DIE UChile postdoctoral researcher

Our Research: Atacama Desert meteorites: understanding the flux of extraterrestrial material to Earth in the last million years.

14, June, 2017|

By Millarca Valenzuela, MAS´ and AIUC postdoctoral researcher 

Our research: The Moving Object Pipeline System

7, June, 2017|

By Jorge Vergara, MAS´ and DIE UChile postdoctoral researcher

Our research: Whiting1, a globular cluster accreted by the Milky Way

31, May, 2017|

By Julio Carballo – Bello, MAS´ and UC Astrophysical Institute postdoctoral researcher 

Our research: Using Type II supernovae to explore the Universe

24, May, 2017|

By Ósmar Rodríguez, MAS´and UNAB´s doctorate student

Our research: Variable Stars in the Milky Way’s center

17, May, 2017|

By Claudio Navarro, MAS´and UV´s doctorate student

Our research: Looking for supernova in real-time

10, May, 2017|

By Francisco Förster, MAS´and Center for Mathematical Modeling Researcher  

Our research: Searching for the missing baryons

3, May, 2017|

By Nicolás Tejos, postdoctoral researcher Millennium Institute of Astrophysics