(Español) Todo un éxito resultó el espacio interactivo del MAS en Ciencia al Parque

12, December, 2017|

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(Español) MAS realiza Star Party en el Observatorio Astronómico Docente de la UC en Hacienda Santa Martina

12, December, 2017|

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(Español) Investigador MAS obtiene su doctorado gracias al análisis de estrellas variables alrededor del centro de la Vía Láctea

9, November, 2017|

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(Español) Experto internacional dicta workshop sobre uso de herramientas para el trabajo con grandes bases de datos

8, November, 2017|

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(Español) Lanzan libro ilustrado para niños para explicarles los misterios del Universo

2, November, 2017|

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(Español) Astrónoma obtiene premio L’Oréal Chile – UNESCO for Woman in Science por sus estudios de “arqueología galáctica”

24, October, 2017|

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(Español) Astrónomos detectan por primera vez una “kilonova”

16, October, 2017|

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The Sun is the main theme at the XI Science and Technology Fair

12, October, 2017|

As every year, the Millennium Institute of Astrophysics was part of the Science and Technology Fair organized by Par Explora RM Sur Oriente during October 8th and 9th. In this opportunity, MAS installed a stand dedicated to The Sun, where it had two telescopes to observe the most important star of our Solar System.

MAS Researchers share with teenagers at Provisional Reformatory Center in San Joaquin

4, September, 2017|

This activity was part of the “Teaching by Project” program ran by Tierra de Esperanza Foundation and its initiative of Psychosocial Assistance for Educational Reinsertion. In this opportunity, astronomers share an afternoon of science and sushi, prepared by the boys.

Astrobiology 2017: From southern Chile to the Universe

11, August, 2017|

From November 26th to December 1st, experts in Astrobiology will gather in our country to present and discuss their research. For the first time, the region will be headquarters to an international event uniting multidisciplinary experts on the subject.

For the second time, national and international astronomy popularizers gather in Chile to talk about new outreach strategies

2, August, 2017|

Chile hosted “Sharing One Sky II: SDSS, APOGEE, and Astronomy Outreach” for the second time and the Institute of Physics and Astronomy of Universidad de Valparaíso and the Millennium Institute of Astrophysics MAS were the ones in charge of its organization. The main goal was to bring together science popularizers from different places to talk and share innovative experiences in outreach.

International Astronomers, members of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey IV Project, in which seven Chilean Universities are part of, will gather for the first time in Santiago

17, July, 2017|

Scientists that are part of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey IV (SDSS-IV) Program will meet for the first time in Santiago to talk about the latest advances in this major astronomical project that since 1998 until now has changed the way scientists used to do research in astrophysics.

Chile is once again present at the International Asteroid Day’s celebrations

3, July, 2017|

189 countries celebrated this year the third version of the International Asteroid Day. As every year, Chile played a leading role among the 15 participating institutions throughout our country to educate and raise awareness about the potential danger that asteroids represent for our planet.

Brian May, astrophysicist and co-founder of the International Asteroid Day: “The importance Chile plays in world astronomy, and particularly in asteroid hunting, cannot be understated”

27, June, 2017|

He is the most visible face of a global movement that began in 2015 that is trying to raise awareness about the global threat that asteroids represent to The Earth. Along with him, artists, journalists and other renowned scientists such as Richard Dawking, Bill Nye, Brian Schmidt, Stephen Hawking, among others, have signed the 100X Declaration that seeks to increase the asteroids findings rate to 100,000 (or 100X) per year within the next 10 years.

Astronomers establish key factor to determine the expansion of the Universe

12, June, 2017|

One of the greatest challenges that scientists have had to face until now is establishing a precise scale that can allow them to measure distances in the Universe. One method that has had successful results is the one that combines supernovae with Cepheid variables, which also allows to accurately establish the Hubble constant that measures the expansion of the Universe.

AstroClub program carries out workshop at Colegio Madre Tierra in Las Condes

25, May, 2017|

Near to UNAB’s Casona Las Condes, Colegio Madre Tierra welcomed

Interview with Prof. Pablo A. Estévez, President of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society

16, May, 2017|

MAS’ Associate Researcher, Pablo Estévez gave an interview to Dr. David Fogel, Evolutionary Computation pioneer:  Original source

For second year in a row, Chilean students invited to reflect on asteroids

12, May, 2017|

The new edition of Asteroid Day’s short-stories contest, organized by the Millennium Institute of Astrophysics MAS and The Institute of Astrophysics of Universidad Católica, is carried out for a second year as part of the International Asteroid Day, next June 30th.

UC’s Center of Astro-Engineering’s and MAS’ Researcher honored with important recognition: An asteroid named after her

11, May, 2017|

Millarca is the new name of asteroid 11819, located at the principal asteroids belt. Millarca Valenzuela is a geologist and researcher at the Millennium Institute of Astrophysics MAS and AIUC, and she was honored with this recognition at the 2017 Asteroids, Comets and Meteors (ACM) Conference that was carried out during April in Montevideo.

Undergraduate and Ph.D. students of astrophysics of Universidad Andrés Bello’s Faculty of Exact Sciences kick off AstroClub activities in Santiago

3, May, 2017|

The AstroClub project, with the sponsorship of MAS and the financial support of ESO (European Southern Observatory,) aims to bring science closer to kids through an outreach program based on the Galileo Mobile methodology. Fernanda Urrutia and Joyce Pullen from MAS run the club that will be carried out in La Serena and Santiago during 2017.

For the first time MAS is part of Puerto Ideas Festival in Antofagasta

2, May, 2017|

With two workshops, one focused on the Sun and the other one on the Moon, MAS is part for the first time of Puerto Ideas Festival in Antofagasta.