“ToMAS and cosmos” is a series of comics delivered in 10 chapters. It follows the life of Tomás, an average teenager that through his adventures different physical and astrophysical phenomena are explained, many of them quite complicated to understand for a non-scientific audience.

Seeking new tools to bring astronomy closer to the public, in 2017 the Millennium Institute of Astrophysics will launch a series of astronomy comics, which will explain in an easy, but interesting way, different concepts of astronomy.

“ToMAS and Cosmos” is a series of comics of 10 chapters that addresses topics like gravity, Solar System, the Sun, Moon, telescopes, among others. Italian astronomer, artist and science popularizer, Angelo Adamo, is the one in charge to bring this comic to life. He has an extensive experience taking different scientific concepts to a simpler language, but not losing its content.

It is expected to have the first chapter for the 2017 Astronomy Day celebrations in Chile, where we will deliver more than 1,000 copies of it in the different activities scheduled for that day. Plus, it will be available to download on MAS’ website www.astrofisicamas.cl and on all social media. Next chapters will be available monthly in the same platforms.

This project is funded by the Millennium Science Initiative’s General Audience Projection Fund.

First Chapter’s link