Time Domain Astronomy, another approach in the human exploration of the Universe that is based on the study of astronomical phenomena as time function, already plays a key role in modern astronomy. When The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), a wide-field telescope that allows carrying synoptic surveys of the sky in large scale, begins operations in Chile in 2020, this new approach will increase considerably over time and it will cause a big impact in astronomical researches both in Chile and the rest of the world. Being an institutional member of this project, Chile will have access to all LSST data; therefore it is imperative to be prepared for the new challenges in science and data analysis that will be produced by these surveys of such high cadence. MAS pursues four research lines with a common factor: the use of variable objects as tools to address fundamental questions in science.


The milky way and the local group

Transients, variables, and planets

Astrostatistics & Astroinformatics