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Searching for Supernovae in real time

10, April, 2017|

There are two important surveys dedicated to search for supernovae in real time at MAS. One of them is HITS (High Cadence Survey) that uses the DECam (Dark Energy Camera) installed in Blanco Telescope, a 500 megapixels camera that allows to observe an area of the sky 600 times the surface of the Moon in intervals of just two hours, which allows an early detection of supernovae explosions, thanks to real-time analysis of data obtained from the telescope of the Center for Mathematical Modeling of Universidad de Chile. On the other hand, CHASE (CHilean Automatic Supernova sEarch) is another project led by MAS experts, where they study different galaxies, many times during the night to discover young and bright supernovae in the near-Universe, allowing a follow-up of these for many years to study their evolution. Co-produced by Imago – 24hrs. Channel.

(Español) Ignacio Becker Troncoso

5, April, 2017|

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Newsletter N°7 – January 2017

1, February, 2017|

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20, January, 2017|

Talks for general public by researchers of the Millennium Institute of Astrophysics.